Monday, August 11, 2008

Back on the Blog

Whizzing back from London on the 1630hrs with the contrasting faces of
Essex (from grim Brentwood to cute Manningtree) flying past outside.

Immensely enjoyable day in London. First up was a visit to the Cabinet Office in Admirality Arch. Set in what looks like an ornate lump of rock is a warren of government offices. While the Cabinet Office is its latest occupant, I felt somehow that the work of the Social Exclusion Unit would have been puzzling and obscure to the grizzled campaigners of the nineteenth century navy. What they would have made of the flotilla of Public Service Agreements now excercising the mind of Government, god only knowns.

sorted the details of Phil Hopes visit with a bright young official and was then on my way. Phil I coming for the best part of a day. Lets hope he doesn't get reshuffled when Gordon makes his Last Stand in the Autumn.

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