Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Britains Most Admired CEO

Just been to Britains Most Admired Charities Awards at Barclays in Canary Wharf.

As we glided up to the thirtieth floor and then looked out it was incredible to see the scale of the City and to imagine the ructions now ripping it s firms into fragments.I was up for 'Most Admired CEO' which was won by Clare Tickell of Action for Children CLare was accompanied by a young woman who looked just like her who I assumed, when I spoke to Clare, to be her daughter only to learn with that awful reddening of the fauxpas that this was her sister. Oh God, why did I need to say anytbing?

Clare is a worhy winner. As was Matthew Thomson of London Voluntary Recycling. Saw several people I like including David Carington, David Cutler of Barings and Stephen Bubb of ACEVO who was really encouraging of m whicb was very nice to hear.

Earlier I met Patrick Butler of Society Guardian over a good lunch. Patrick has been incredibly supportive in recent months and placed several pieces in the paper. He will go a long way, perhaps all the way. He combines a critical mind and a sharp eye of the hack with a good heart and an integrity that draws you in.

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