Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Good Life?

I am softening my return to the CEO-cockpit with a couple of WFH (work from home)days.

What is striking about these days is just how productive they actually are. No interuptions (except the odd baby crawling in), no travel, no meetings or chit-chat. If you start at 8.30am, you can stop at 6pm confident that you've done two days at the office in one.

My interest in WFH is growing. My consultant friends say they do 3-4 days at home and perhaps a day out with clients. Once the client trusts you, they are happy for you to WFH. Consultants love WFH because, of course, they hate `dead time' - driving, big meetings etc.

My recent house-move has made working fom that bit better. The new place is set in woodland and opens out onto thousands of acres of farmland, criss-crossed by seldom-used footpaths. Runners' heaven. In the morning, I watch the sun rise over the great cedars in the park. From my desk I look out at ancient woodland that goes back over two hundred years and will survive even my own children's lifetimes.

Being `in nature' in the way we are now has an interesting effect not only on your mind (I am convinced trees are calming) but also on your outlook. Why be barrelling along on train to London each day when you can be spending the same time on a pre-breakfast run?

What can make you feel richer than the falling of winter sunlight on the evergreen leaves an ivy? Since moving here in December, I can honestly say I have never felt happier in a place.

I realise that my bliss is soon to be shattered. Next week I will be on the train like everyone else, starting early, finishing late and leaving myself very little spare.

Which makes me wonder whether or not my consultant friend might, after all, have it sorted?

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