Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Anonymous Pol

I am feeling very virtuous right now. For a small-time politician anyway. On my rounds I picked up a lot of concern about a local road near a school where there is no crossing.

I wrote a letter to the paper (the titan Bury Free Press) and was immediately called by a journalist.

Time to come clean but risk being outed a a pol or to milk the story but risk exposure? Being risk-averse, and reasonably clean, I fessed up but pointed the journo to the local mums.

However, I am, as anyone knows me, never one to miss an opportunity. So I did pop round to let the Mums know I had called the paper and they wanted to run the story. And, that, yes, I was stepping out now, because I thought it would run better without politics.

For a moment I felt the cynicism melt away as bid goodbye, jumped into my Scrapage Focus (a grand and its yours) and sped away. OK so I don't make Friday's paper. But this felt like a good result in these overcast times. And it certainly felt right. Two votes rather than, say, 20. Maybe I will live to regret it. But, somehow, I don't think I will.


Helen said...

I agree that what you did was the right thing to do, and you should never regret that, above all things, no matter what your future holds! At a time when the integrity of our politicians is being questioned daily, it seems doubly important to get the moral stuff right. You'd have my vote :¬)

Craig Dearden-Phillips said...

Thanks Helen. The moral universe in politics seems to be inverted. If it hurts the opponent it is `good'seems about the sum of it.