Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meeting the Monarch

My turn came. [Voice from side] "Mr Craig Dearden-Phillips for Services to Social Enterprise".

I walked three paces, turned to face the Queen, nodded, walked forward. Her hand hung the medal on a clip that had been affixed to my suit and, he asked me how things were going at Speaking Up. "Shall I tell her about the merger?, I thought for a nanosecond before saying "Very well your Majesty".

Then she said "I believe this isn't your first Award". Wasn't sure quite how to respond but just said "No Maam, but nothing really touches this one!" before a hand was offered to shake, I walked backwards, nodded again, turned and walked off the stage.


Rob Fountain said...

Congratulations again Craig. A special moment for you and your family and well deserved.
(A shame you didn't opt for wearing a clown's electric buzzer in your hand afterall, but probably for the best...)

Rob Greenland said...

She'd clearly done her research... or maybe she'd confused you with Craig Revel-Horwood.

You know my views on monarchy and honours and all that but that doesn't stop me recognising the great work you do - and it's great to see that recognised publicly. You should be very proud.

Rob said...

"he asked me how things were going" - is this a mistake Craig or a reference to the particularly masculine side to the queen that you only appreciate when you're really close up?

Craig Dearden-Phillips said...

All lovely, funny comments, thank-you. One thing I didn't say on the blog was just how seriously OLD the Queen is now. You realise this when up close. I quite felt for an 84 year old having to do all this stuff. That she still carries on on says mainly good things about her I think.

Mark Griffiths 'ideally speaking...' said...

Well done, Craig. If you think she's old now, just think how old she'll be when you collect your knighthood!!

Rob Harris said...

I thought i would go for the record number of Robs in the comments section, and say Well Done Craig!

One last question (and joke) .... how much do honours cost these days - cash obviously!?