Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Secret Habit

I like a flutter. Not a big one. I haven't got a problem (guv) - honest. But I have an account at Betfair and like all gamblers I like to think I am up.

My thing isn't the horses or football but politics. Today I found 16/1 on Ed Balls for the next Labour leader. I'll take that. I also got some pretty reasonable odds on the Conservatives winning most seats and on taking the Rossendale Valley, where I cast my first vote in 87.

Betfair is good too. You're effectively betting against other people and odds are set by the pattern of betting rather than some shyster bookie. Betting doesn't seem shady any more.

While I am just playing at it, a friend of mine gambles big-time and, due to his superb knowledge of the `turf' is able to sell his tip commerically. Last year he made a cool £70k clear profit. Not bad for something he does in the evenings. Interestingly, he's a financial director of a very sober company so its all a big secret.

My life has just been augmented by an Apple Iphone. I am yet to even switch the thing on and part of me is reluctant knowing I will need to spend hours downloading `Apps' etc. If the thing can help me sort my life now I don't have a PA it will be worth a couple of hours of fiddling. I am actually considering asking her to moonlight for me as the thought of flying solo is so terrifying. Invoicing, bookings, making sure I have read stuff. Plus I am involved in so much stuff I can definitely see me dropping a major bollock in the next few weeks as a conference platform stands empty or a community meeting waits for its elected rep to appear.

Speaking of all that, it's not going too badly in life after CEO. Stepping down felt a bit like being an MP who has just lost the election. People suddenly aren't as interested. However, the phone has been ringing and email pinging. In April I will even make a bit of money, which I didn't expect to do (hence the extra flutter today).

Today (Saturday)felt like the first promise of Summer. I walked the kids to the park and, rather than feel bored, cold and agitated, as I usually do, I went with the flow, free of preoccupying thoughts and absorbed the sun. Carrying a tired 2 and 4 yr old a full half-mile back was not such fun, however and I was as grouchy as ever by the time I slumped in front of Football Focus and let it wash over me.

Despite a slightly stressful gingercake-making experience with my daughter, my sort-of relaxed day continued pretty much till bedtime. Going with the flow. Not thinking. I believe that is the secret you know. When I don't think I am a lot damn happier.

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