Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Joys of Entrepreneurship

Well, I got through yesterday. Gareth at HSBC got me sorted in an impressive 40 minutes. My list was two-thirds ticked by the end of the day - and I now have an impressive accounts-lady who I am to meet on Friday to hand over my pile of receipts.

The only frustration yesterday, and I nearly wept, such is my ineptitude, was getting my new printer to speak to my new MacBook Pro (of which more later). Having assiduously followed the steps, and even put my `No Interuptions' sign on my door - usually only put up during client-calls - could I make the damn thing work? `Print driver cannot be read - do you want to report anonymously to Apple?' it kept saying. No, I responded, my eyes pricking.

One of the things about new businesses is deciding where to locate yourself. At the moment I am in the spare room. I am consequently regularly regaled by rioting small children banging on my (locked) door, the music from Peppa Pig and Cbeebies for hours at a time and, on the bad days, visits from all of their friends from `Tadpoles'. Pretty intolerable.

My Big Idea is for a garden shed. Not one for the mower but a fancy one that I can have as a proper office. My father in law has made one of those Shepherd Huts you seen in upmarket mags. The Barbour jacket crowd love them apparently. Mine for three grand. While they retail at over ten, I am not sure I quite stretch to that. But Peppa Pig might change my mind.

Finally Apple Macs. These are without doubt genius machines, a pinnacle of achievement etc. But for a 41 year old who has been using Windows for 20 years, they are a bloody mystery. I just can't get on with mine. I can't find things, store things, even, to be honest, get the damn thing to do anything I want. Fortunately I can fit Windows to it, which I will, but that's not the point. I am wishing I had got a Dell Vostro for half the price.

Anyway, better get back to the joys of entrepreneuship.

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Andrew Coulthard said...

Craig, after 20 years of PC's I switched to Mac 4 years ago and wouldn't contemplate a return to Windows...once you have experienced the range of one touch technology, intuitive software and Bonjour to link to will see that Apple products just work.

Linked to my iPhone, my exchange server, all social media sites and my video camera (for 'live' blogs) this is the best business tool available to man or woman kind.