Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dick Turpin's Gibbet - and the nature of contentment

Just had a great day in York.

We got the train from Knaresborough where we have a really brilliant swop - just by the viaduct and gorge. Took Wilf on my own to the National Railway Museum - he's a bit of a train and bus geek - and then, as we were coming out, I saw an open top bus and just jumped on.

While my intention was simply to engage Wilf, I spent my next hour transfixed by this enthusiastic member of the Historical Society taking us back through time and York's history. Vikings, Romans, Dick Turpin's favourite boozer followed by his gibbet.

The hour flew by. I didn't take my phone or watch and, for once, felt quite timeless.

They say the key to happiness - or contentment - is gratitude. I find it quite easy to feel grateful - blue sky, healthy kid holding my hand, most of my hair, wife still interested, Bolton in the Premiership, good business with promise and a column in the Guardian next week.

Enjoy it while you can, whistled the wind in my ears as York passed my heightened eyes.

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